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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  March 7, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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thank you for joining us. a full morning for you. we have the festival coming up in may. our documentary film maker of new journalists. also this morning scams and cruises. there's a new scam out there and it targets. if it sounds too good to be true, if somebody is offering to pay for your vacation you need
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to be careful. we have a new scam circulating right now. it could show up in your mailbox. first, we want to get to new hot topics. it's kind of gross. a new london ice cream parlor is trying to bring customers in a different way. it's a flavor called baby gaga and made from breast milk. women volunteered to donate it so the ice cream shop could create the frozen concoction. each donor was given money for every ten ounces of milk. it sold out within the first hour. >> it's pure. it's natural. it's organic and free range. if it's good enough for our kids, it's good enough to use in our food. >> free range. >> health officials did pull the
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ice cream due to hepatitis fears and now lady gaga considering suing over the name. we always want your reaction. >> this is one we want to hear about. we went to the streets to hear what some of you had to say about this. would you try it or do you -- . >> would you try it? >> no. clearly you've already declared it gross. >> in this day and age who knows. i mean who knows. it's bizarre. not for me. i think i'll stick to doritos. >> if it's good for our kids, why not be good for grown ups also. i'd give it a shot. >> i love it. both sides of the argument. >> we have the question on our facebook page this morning wanting to know what you think.
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would you ever consider ice cream made from breast milk. tasha writes in saying seriously. what seems wrong on quite a few levels and ashley says if it's breast milk from a cow but not from a woman. that does not make any sense at all. >> if you want to weigh in, we always love to know what you think. you can give us your two cents. leave a comment and we'll share more throughout the morning show. come find us on facebook. time now to move onto your money and how much we're spending at the gas pump. the average price for regular gallon of gas in baltimore $3.47. that's a 15-cent spike from last week and 40-cents during the past month. nationally the average is around $3.50 a gallon. if you're paying for premium the average price here in baltimore
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$3.72. that's up 18-cents and almost 40-cents over the course of a month. nationally for the premium $3.77. as you can see gas prices are going up to fast, the question is now what do we do hand can be done by the white house should they even try to help? that's an interesting question. emily explains the options and our pain at the pump. >> reporter: with gas prices skyrocketing, americans are reaching their limits earlier. >> just like $16 only. i cannot afford to fill up the tank. >> reporter: the nation wide average is $3.51 a gallon. that's up 33-cents in two weeks. the second biggest price increase on record means spending more. >> up until this point about $50 about every two weeks and now it's gone up to $60 every two weeks and now we're up to almost $75. >> reporter: the prices spiked
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along with the middle east uprising. so far there's no shortages, just worries. the white house says it's considering tapping into the 727 million-barrels u.s. strategic oil reserves. >> it's something that has been done on very rare occasions. >> the oil reserve is there for emergencies. this is not an emergency. >> reporter: there's political pressure for a president to lower pressure. >> you can say i did something and you are better off. what elected official would not want to do that. >> reporter: in the meantime the squeeze is on. >> it's hard to ask our customers for increases right now so we just really have to suck it up and that hurts again. >> reporter: leaving drivers and gas tanks with an increasingly empty feeling. analysts say when gas gets above $4 a gallon demand and prices drop. in some parts of the country 4-dollar gas is now a reality.
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>> i fill up over this weekend, it was painful. >> the last time we saw it we got close to the 4-dollar range was 2007, 2008. is the new benchmark $5 a gallon? i feel like it's four. >> i think a lot of people are trying to think where can i cut back because times are tough for everybody but this is hurting a little more. stay with us this morning. here is something annoying yet not surprising, the government wasting your money. >> it happens all the time. why do we need so many different agencies to do one job and some of these findings will surprise you. also coming up this morning, going on a cruise sounds great right about now. having somebody pay for it sounds even better. you need to watch out because there's a new scam that we will warn you about this morning. the merchandise film festival is a fantastic event
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for our community. funds need to be raised. find out how you can help. we're going to find out what's going on with the weather. it was a soggy weekend. >> reporter: that storm is rolling its way off to new england now. syracuse closing in on a foot and a half of snow. new england getting pounded. that's the reason we had the wind and some of you had some snow. manchester there's know on the field and anywhere from a dusting to westminster. we are all cold this morning in the 30s. wind chills in the 20s but the winds ease up as we try to warm up. more on that and the out look for the rest of the week when good morning maryland continues after this.
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welcome back. good morning maryland on this monday morning.
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time now is 9:10. the merchandise film festival is two months away but preparations already underway because of fund raisers. as the vents go they need the money raised to put on the festival every year. very important fundraiser coming up just this weekend. it's going the showcase three of the documentary film makers and the idea have they become the new journalists. >> yeah. this is an issue you're right in the middle of. as the world of journalism changes and as we speak it changes. the question is who is stepping into the breech. i think we've been seeing documentary film makers whether they choose to be called journalists or not is an issue we will discuss on friday night but they are clearly filling some of the gap here. >> the three film makers are the
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real stars, aren't they? >> all four will contribute something very interesting. meredith started as a broadcast journalist, 60 minutes, etc., etc. and it's obviously very much involved in this new world of journalism whatever that's become. they have all been nominated for academy awards. these are top level film makers. it will be interesting to see if they see their role constrained by the same kinds of rules by journalism. >> is this a theory that's new? has that been evolving over the past years? >> documentary films were seen as educational tv and not as part of the commercial film world. that all changed with michael moore. his films has made a lot of money. now it is part of the commercial
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world and the studio people and other distributers take documentary films very seriously. >> as you spoke of an inconvenient truth, the work of michael moore as well, a lot of people don't understand when it comes to producing and creating a documentary film it's not like these movies with these millions and millions upon dollars for the budget. >> and they also don't know what the subject will be exactly. the film she made called the oath that we had at the festival last year she started to make a film about guantanamo bay. the film is about a young muslim man having been very close to
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osama bin lade but now in transition and trying to figure out his life as a muslim and a person beyond terrorism. he made a film that's just unbelievable. >> some 130 films will be showcased, multip theaters throughout baltimore and there's always that one that once people see it word of mouth spreads and people have to see it. are you expecting that again? >> we also are. we program films that we love dearly and you get surprises all the time. when we had the hurt locker here they thought the film was dead. she went on the win the academy award of the film. it was extraordinary. we programmed it because we loved it. >> the fund raising event is
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coming up on the 11th. it will be at the brown center. doors open at 6. for more information, the number on your screen. thank you so much for your time and continued success. let's go back to your two cents on today's hot topic. a london's ice cream shop, new ice cream made from breast milk. we asked you would you ever consider trying this kind of ice cream. stacy writes in saying i wouldn't have considered making ice cream to eat out of my own breast milk yet alone someone else's. yes, i still get the idea that i'm consuming bodily fluid from a cow but i choose to not analyze it. we also want to know what you think. head to the wmar facebook page. all right. right about now a lot of us are
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feeling like i could use a vacation, so wouldn't it be great if someone offered to pay for it too. someone is in a new mailing that many of you have told us about that you've received. josey has the warning about the offer that might make you waiver on the deal. >> reporter: with winter dragging on the idea of a tropical use sounds like heaven right now especially if someone offers it for free. that's what's happening in the baltimore area, at least lately. we heard from many of you telling us mail trucks were dropping off postcards in your neighborhood claiming you could get a free cruise. all you have to do is call the 800 number. the person who answered the phone wouldn't tell us which company was running the promotion and that raises a red flag. while this isn't a scamper say it's not exactly what it sounds like either. you will likely have to attend a
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travel presentation and pay fees and taxes to take the trip. before you start using your imagination planning the dream vacation wake up and the your homework. >> if you'd like more information on this and other scams out there we've put it all online for you. you can head to our website alert. you'll find everything you need. if you've been watching us this morning you might say what is it? is it charlie's new tie, the extra moose in his hair? something is different on good morning maryland at 9, right? >> what? >> something is different. >> we got new flowers. >> we'll give you a hint when you come back. we'll be right back.
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you may have noticed something different here. we do indeed have some new furniture. you like? >> i do like.
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>> new chairs, new tables. >> this comes from our friends over at nuveaux. they are located at bellvadere square. >> the share is called the clooney because of george. i guess this color is considered tangerine. >> sure. >> we're going to have to change the way we dress to color coordinate? >> tim will let us know. >> also we have the table. this is called the crown. it's nickel made. it's american. this is going to be around for a while. comfy. what colors can we not wear, tim? >> he'll let us know. it's a trial and error. i think the big question too is how the guests like it. are they comfortable sitting
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here being interviewed. i can't put my feet on the table because it's new. you know the house rules. >> don't put your feet on the table no matter what. if things look a little different, that's why. a 400-dollar hammer, six departments overseeing the same projects. >> taking a new look at trimming the fat on federal programs and why it might sound redundant to keep talking about it. it's an idea that turned into a moneymaker for one mom looking to make her life easier and fashionable.
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9:22. i'm sitting in my same old chair. we're looking at 39 degrees outside right now. we're or target for our two degree guarantee. only in the upper 40s today. 39 in easton. wind chills in the upper 30s. still a bit breezy out there. we'll get a check on the extended outlook. hold onto what you're wearing because there will be a gusty breeze throughout the morning. stay with us. we'll be back.
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welcome back. a public hearing will be held in ocean city for plans to make over the board walk. an online poll was conducted and it appear a wood surface has won as a favorite option. renovations are set to take place this fall. while the debates where the cuts are coming from will be the
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topic of debate for some time. jonathan karl has some new findings and it wasn't hard from the watchdog group to find some ideas. >> reporter: even when it comes to chicken and eggs there's a tangle of redundant and overlapping programs. the food and drug administration is responsible for ensuring that eggs are safe, wholesome and properly labeled. the department of agriculture is responsible for eggs into egg products. the ag department is also responsible for the health of young chicks. the fda oversees the safety of the food that the chicks eat. 15 separate agencies have responsible for food. they find programs wasting billions of dollars. programs that are never assessed to see if they are working. case in point, roads and trains.
9:28 am
a report found 82 different programs with similar descriptions in ten different agencies and job training. 47 different programs, 44 of them overlapping. >> it makes us look like jack (bleep). what would you think? you get men and women with reports saying you're not good stewards. >> reporter: it's designed to teach americans financial literacy. there's a need for that especially in place that gave us a 14 trillion-dollar debt. jonathan karl, abc news, capitol hill. >> doesn't it make you wonder if there's 15 agencies overlooking food safety then we shouldn't have contamination of peanut butter. >> so many questions across the board. you probably can't put a hard line number on it of how much
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money is being wasted. it's information like that that will continue to come forward. time now for your two cents for the day. hot topic. ice cream shops new ice cream made from human breast milk. on the official wmar fan book facebook page, would you consider trying ice cream made from breast milk. i don't know why it's acceptable to use it for goats and cows but so disgusting to do the same for humans. it's very interesting they are the only species i would drink from but wouldn't consider trying your own, kind of odd. if you'd like to consider weighing in on this go to the
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wmar facebook fan page. you always give out great advice. people always have questions. let's get to right to it. we have a question this morning. she says i put an offer into a home that was a short sale but three weeks later my agent said the information was lost. he had to start again, but my lender said the rate is about to expire. is buying a short sale a mistake? >> it's not a mistake but you have to think between short sale and any type of transaction. if you buy a foreclosed home from a bank they negotiate the property. if i buy from you you own the title, you negotiate the price. say i buy your house in short sale you still hold title in the property but the bank negotiates the price. let's say there's a second and
9:31 am
third mortgage, those two entities have to agree to accept less money. it's a bit complicated. there's one software system called equator and that's what everyone uses to go to the banks with short sales. if you don't up load everything the bank requires in 14 days, it disappears. you got to pick an experienced realtor and the bank has already approved the short sale. you can get a good deal. it's a little more work involved. >> okay. our next question comes from sheila. she said i'm divorced after 17 years of marriage and buying a town home for $210,000 and received 150,000-dollar from the sale of my marital home. i'm really uncomfortable with payment of 1100 a month with my
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monthly income. is it wise to put down a hundred thousand dollars? >> i see this a lot with people going through a divorce. i think this is a time to bring your cpa in with your mortgage professional and look at different options. if she did 210,000 and put the least apt of money down her payment would be about 450-dollar more. what she can do is put less money down and then what she can do is make a payment. say she takes the same hundred thousand dollars she was going to put into the bank is make the payment of $500 to a credit union and have that money taken out. she pays 500-dollars a month to her credit union and have the mortgage company take out a thousand dollars a month. there's another way to keep your money and still in her mind make the same low payment she wanted to make. are you better off having less
9:33 am
money and a lot of equity or better off putting more money down. you have to look at both ways. >> it does make sense but it is one of those things where you probably want to talk to somebody. before you go we have a tip. >> good news from the i. r. s.í they said if you have a tax lien that you have paid they will now consider removing it from your credit as long as it's paid and the taxpayer initiates the call. if you had a past deal that will hurt your credit score and hurt your chances of getting a loan. if you'd paid it and you the taxpayer called the i. r. s. they will remove it from the credit bureau. >> if you have questions you can e-mail us morning show at it's a field of dreams for baseball fans in march. why the yard is full of one of these big leaguers and what
9:34 am
their chances are of being in a field of game time. the crew of discovery is set to be back home wednesday. more on good morning maryland. ñw>yñ[=]q
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that is art imitating life there morning. a little while ago discovery undocked and now about to make its final trip home from space.
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time now for some birthdays. a special belated birthday to declan kelly who turned 8 years old last friday. he wants to be a soldier when he grows up. happy birthday to you. >> pretty cute. a very happy birthday goes out to agnes hubbard who turns 70 today. this is with lots of love from your entire family. zora three years old today. she's celebrating her birthday the right way at the day care center with cup cakes. miranda turns 16 years old today. she is a beautiful girl. she was born with physical disabilities, but she has shown just how strong she is by beating all the odds. her mom, dad and brother say she is their hero and they thank god every day for the blessing that she brings into their life. she is beautiful, funny, caring, loving and a wonderful daughter.
9:39 am
happy sweet 16th. miranda. >> keep the birthdays coming in and interesting photos for that matter. we want the see them and share them with all of maryland. include all the facts we need to know so when we talk about this photo we give you all the credit we know you so richly deserve. time now for our featured event. i got an e-mail from laurie. they are calling on all golfers. this is their sixth annual old joe golf tournament. it's early in the morning, 7:30. you don't have to be a great golfer, so there you go charlie. just be team player. the registration is 80 bucks and fees include fees, putting contests, breakfast, lunch, door prizes and a player goodie bag and the proceeds go toward a
9:40 am
great cost. >> well worth the money. you see so many of these haunted tours and it's good to see one here. you ever been on a pub crawl? >> it's been a long time. if you ever a featured event if your community, we would love to know about it. you can e-mail me, charlie or morning show at just let us know what's happening in your community so we can share it with everybody out. take me out to the ball game even though we're a month away from opening day. >> why it's so packed at the opening. we'll take you there and show you what they are up to. it's the most simple ideas
9:41 am
that ends up making millions of dollars. hear how one mom's idea about baby bags turned into real moneymaker. let's take a look at this almanac here. look up. normally 51 in the afternoon. we'll try to get into the upper 40s today. we've been as high as 76. we have a huge spread that's possible this time of year. looks like we stay on the mild side of things this week, but there is another storm on the way. we'll talk about that and our complete forecast so stick around.
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9:44 94:44. i may black panthers weeks before the park fills with fans. not because the big leaguers but hopeful can understands vying for a much smaller paycheck but an important role nonetheless. the team only pays 8 bucks an hour but comes back with a lifetime of memories. >> reporter: as this still picture perfect stadium awaits the start of its century young men and women bring their gloves and shoes hoping to become one of the six ball girls and balls for the 2011 season. >> it's fun. every time i come to the yard it's my happy place. >> i'm a true baltimore orioles fan. it would be an awesome experience. >> reporter: a star from the past is why she was here. >> from the day i was born my dad was a huge orioles fan.
9:46 am
>> reporter: after filling out the application form and questionnaire it's off today field for try outs. first they will get the crowd fired up. >> charge. charge. >> charge. >> reporter: although the voice of summer right now about 60 showed up today trying to show off their skills so they could join them in their field of dreams. as former orioles pitcher dave johnson hits ground balls justin feels he did well on the diamond. >> i think i did pretty good. i tried to get the ball in front of me. i thought that was what they were looking for. i did my best. >> reporter: as the baseballs keep gotting scooped up, for some the bad hops came into
9:47 am
play. >> oh. those actually pretty hard. it was fun. >> reporter: while others including 70-year-old grandmother kathy becker has maybe the best reason of all to be out here. >> i am out here because this is one of things on my bucket list that i wanted to cross off. >> reporter: can't say it any better than that. paul jaffe,'sabc 2 news. >> in the beginning he said you only get paid $8 an hour, but i can't believe you get paid at all to do that. we've got a great story for you this morning. one mother had a simple idea to help out a fellow city mom, moms on the go. now her family endevour is an international success that proves the baby business is a very equitable business. >> we didn't want it to say baby or bag. >> we needed a name that was fun
9:48 am
and we needed a name that we could find a website for. i was a new mom and i had a new baby and in new york city your stroller is like your car and you're taking your child everywhere. you need to carry a lot of stuff. you need to carry your bag, their stuff and basically there were no fantastic diaper bags that hung on the stroller. i said there's got to be a better way. i said to michael i really want the design bag for myself. he said that's a great idea but maybe we can make this a business and not a hobby. we did all this fantastic embroidery. >> we quickly moved beyond bags. they are still part of our business but it's less than half. we're doing great business in development toys, bedding and bath products. we have stayed away from things would corner us in one area. >> we'll do this with more purple. when we started we brought our
9:49 am
first product out to trade show and buyers came and wrote orders. when they saw that first person on the street with their diaper bag and kid and stroller, it made us feel so good and we knew we were onto something. >> it's really cute. >> our products are sole in the uk, japan, spain, poland. parent is parent and everyone is looking for something that helps make their life easier. >> we're growing at almost a 50% clip then 2008 came along a lot of retailers just emptied the shelves out buying product. we had a bad 2008 and 2009. we'll do over 25 million this year. >> parents will spend on their children and give up spending on
9:50 am
themselves. >> when you have a new baby you have to cover every aspect of that baby's life, eating, sleeping, feeding, play, everything. it's really the best of both worlds for a company like ours. >> moms and dads if you have an idea and you think they can improve it, there you go. >> it's the simplest idea. when we see these stories the over and over again it's the same thing. a lot of times people will do it to help themselves out. >> then it will be like hey, i like that idea and all officedden it's an instant success. stay with us this morning. we have one last check on the forecast with justin. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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we got a little slap this morning from the strong wind and cold air with the snow on the north side, but that has cleared out. we got a mostly sunny sky. we have a pretty good set up for the afternoon as the winds should ease up. there's our storms pulling north. still snow left over across eastern new york. i'm really itching to see the final tally up towards albany. they wind up somewhere between 16 to 20 inches of snow. they are seeing upwards of two feet in some of the mountains. that extends the ski season. it looks like it will be going through mid-april. locally they had six inches. that is good news. temperatures this morning are cold all the way down top
9:55 am
atlanta. 38 degrees. the cold air behind the severe weather they had over the weekend, we still ramping it up again. we'll get the storm that develops across the central plains. won't be here we understand morning. we got that line of nasty storms in the deep south. that could be a repeat of what we just had. that will take us on in towards thursday with us getting our heavy rain. dry, 48 today. tonight we're down to 26 degrees. we are looking at the out look for the rest of the week. back to 52 tomorrow. our rain will be on wednesday. the heaviest rain on thursday and could end with brief period of snow in the evening. we are looking for basically a calm set up into next weekend with a slight chance of showers on saturday. now i get a taste of what the chair is all about. >> you think it's comfortable? >> i'm not big on change.
9:56 am
>> going to put your feet up? >> no, that's okay. i'll keep them on the floor. >> is the wind today going to be all day? >> it's easing up a bit. we pushed 45 miles per hour in some spots. i think we're easing up right now. i should get better later on in the afternoon. i know you're a guy who purchases music online. >> i am a guy and i do purchase music sometimes. >> that's today's top five. >> you can down load your music according to top ten list using the amazon mp3 down loads. >> number four e music. >> number three real rhapsody.
9:57 am
>> number two itunes. >> i'm shocked. >> number one is napster. >> anybody ever buy music from those places besides itunes? i worry i'm going to get arrested if i use limewire. >> you just outed yourself. >> i never used it. >> talking about napster if you saw the social network really gets into the story talking about creation of facebook and napster. you get a little bit of background into how napster came around as well. >> it shocks me that's number one. >> i'm surprised. >> i thought itunes would have blown it away. >> maybe this study was done back in 2004. >> thank you so much for joining us here on good morning maryland at 9. we'll be back tomorrow.
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